The Kirishima Volcano, located in Japan, erupted violently this morning hurling rock bombs and plumes of ash up into the atmosphere. Frequent small-to-moderate explosive eruptions have been recorded since the 8th century.

The volcano is located in southern Japan, along the pacific ring of fire, and is uniquely situated directly above a tectonic plate boundary.

Kirishima Volcano
Kirishima has erupted 9 times during the past 100 years, 2 of which were classified as VEI-2 eruptions (Volcanic Explosivity Index). The last VEI-2 eruption was during 1959 when it pumped 3.2 million cubic meters of 'tephra' up onto the planet surface and into sky. Time will tell how this new eruption will be classified.

Volcanic Ash in the atmosphere will severely damage jet engines, and can cause global temperatures to decrease depending on quantity.

Kirishima Volcano
Preparedness for a volcanic eruption begins with having a supply of proper breathing masks. The American Lung Association states, "A dust mask with an N-95 rating is most highly recommended for ash protection." Volcanic ash is actually fine, glassy fragments and particles that can cause severe injury to breathing passages.

Kirishima Volcano location
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Dramatic video of the eruption was captured from the air and displayed on, and can be seen here.

Most recent webcam image of Kirishima Volcano:

Kirishima Volcano webcam
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