© unknownImage dated October 13, 2009
A fireball meteor zipped across the Netherlands sky Tuesday evening before exploding in to the North Sea, an expert says.

The Netherlands just escaped a natural disaster from a meteor. Many Dutch people in the Netherlands witnessed a large "fireball" meteor in the sky. In the north people heard a bang and saw flashes. Also on Twitter people reported on the phenomenon.

The Groningen astronomical Theo Jurriens confirmed that this was a very bright meteor and at one point burst into three pieces.

About one hundred reports have been received from people who have seen the fireball. From the north of the Netherlands there are reports of people who heard rumblings when the meteor passed by and buildings were shaking.

Several pictures of the fireball meteor have been posted on the internet.


The meteor exploded over northern Netherlands and the North Sea and caused an explosion that made shock waves.

The blast may have been caused by the meteor or the explosion because it was faster than sound with a speed of over 1200 kilometer per hour. KNMI does not know which of the two is the cause, but measurements seem to indicate that it is an explosion, because signals are recorded earlier in the north than in De Bilt Netherlands.

Observations indicate that the orbit of the meteor came from south to north. Further research is being made about the precise path of the meteor.

The seismometers of the KNMI, recorded the shock waves around 19:00. The institute was mainly receiving reports from Rotterdam and Groningen. In Groningen, the shock wave generated vibrations on the ground.