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Corn ratings are expected to drift lower on the June 12 USDA report, due to worsening wetness in the Central Midwest and insufficient sunlight in the week.

The Midwest Corn Belt experienced another wet week due to recurring showers along a horizontal front. The wettest areas where at least 2 inches of rainfall occurred were in the southern half of the Corn Belt. At least .75 inch of rainfall occurred on 85% of Midwest farms. It was too wet for corn development with prevailing cool temperatures.

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It did not rain heavily every day, but clouds were commonly present, limiting corn growth and development. Four days out of 7 were cloudy in Nebraska, Illinois and Indiana, and 5 out of 7 days in Iowa and Missouri. The best growing conditions last week were in Michigan and Ohio, where sunshine was abundant on most days.

It is a good bet that corn ratings will move lower on the next USDA ratings for June 12, due out Monday. The US corn rating slipped slightly on June 6, compared with the previous week, in the "super wet" states shown on the Crop Moisture Index. Conditions have not gotten any better with additional heavy rain this week.
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More rain is predicted on the weekend in the Western and Northern Corn Belt. Illinois is expecting light rain.
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