Michael Ronayne writes:
To the right of the burned out pixel, a second Sunspot group, with two spots, is forming which can be seen in this image:
Cycle 24 sun specks
The burned out pixel between the two groups is a fairly common issue with SOHO, and they routinely "bake" the sensor to get rid of them. Sometimes people mistakenly interpret them as sunspots in this new age of counting sunspecks.

The way to determine if it is a burned out pixel or not is to look for other off-colr pixels immediately arround it. If the pixel stands by itself, it is a burned out pixel.

So far these have not been assigned a number. They are just barely what one would call sunspots and my bet is that much as we've seen before from SC24 specks, they will be short lived, probably 48 hours or less.