It is snowing not only in Bulgaria, but also in other countries in the region. The Balkans expect low temperatures, frosty streets and bad weather over the next days as well.

The snow caused hundreds of road accidents in Serbia. Over the last 24 hours 289 road accidents have been registered. 2 people died and 44 were injured. The regional highways and roads are covered with a thin layer of snow, under which there is frosty sections. More than 30 villages are blocked. There are communities where power has been cut off. The situation is very serious in Central, Western and Southern Serbia.

The snow is 3 meters deep in some regions in Albania. At least five municipalities and some 10,000 people are blocked. Morina- Kukes highway is closed. There might be stranded cars.

The heavy snowfall hampers the traffic along the roads in Macedonia. For now railway and air transport do not encounter problems.

The Regional Crisis Management Department announced the snow in the municipality of Gostivar is one meter deep. Trucks are allowed to travel through the Pass of Strazha, between Gostivar and Kicevo, and along Mavrovo-Debar road. The traffic is hampered in the municipalities of Kumanovo and Kicevo. Sections of the regional roads to Makedonska Kamenica and Bitola are frosty. The international trains between Belgrade and Thessaloniki are moving a bit behind the schedule.

A snow storm struck Dubrovnik, Croatia. The airport in the region is closed.

The Civil Protection Service in Greece warns that snowfall in Northern Greece will become heavier. Storms will lash Western Europe and the islands in northern and eastern Aegean Sea, as well as Dodecanese islands.