Oklahoma City - Geologists say three small earthquakes in less than a week in Oklahoma is no cause for concern.

The U.S. Geological Survey reports a magnitude 3.2 earthquake at 5:23 this morning about 25 miles east of Ada. The epicenter is about two miles northwest of the junction of State Highway 3 and U.S. 75.

This comes after a 2.4 magnitude quake about 7 miles northwest of Chandler in Lincoln County last Thursday and a 3.4 magnitude quake about 5 miles northeast of Chickasha last Wednesday.

Engineering geologist Kenneth Luza at the Oklahoma Geological Survey says the state has about 50 small earthquakes a year so the frequency isn't too unusual.

He says the fact the earthquakes are being felt is a little more unusual.

A magnitude 2.5 to 3 quake is generally the smallest that is felt by people but Luza says people have reported feeling earthquakes as small as a 1.4.