© UnknownThe strange object in the skies above Wigan.
Is Wigan becoming a favorite haunt for aliens?

That was the question being asked today after yet another UFO sighting was reported.

The Evening Post recently featured an seemingly inexplicable series of glowing objects floating from Billinge to Up Holland in the early hours of Boxing Day morning as caught on camera by 23-year Shaun Campbell from Church Drive.

And last July a man videoed a pair of unidentified flying objects hovering near to junction 27 of the M6 at Shevington Moor which then suddenly disappeared from his viewfinder.

In 2007, a young man from Hindley captured a UFO on his mobile phone while standing outside his local pub.

And now we have another sighting from a local who does not want to be identified.

She said: "The film I took was on September 11 last year and it reminded me very strongly of the footage that was shown of the objects over Shevington Moor.

"In this case there was a very large object hovering over woods in Aspull. Those of us that saw it couldn't explain it, so I guess it was an unidentified flying object, but I wouldn't like to commit myself to saying it was alien!"

Wigan Evening Post ufologist Jon Peake said: "This is a very interesting clip as there is clearly something visible in the sky above the trees.

"It is open to debate just what the object is but if it's a kite, it is a very big one and it doesn't look like a rogue cloud. This could be something mechanical - possibly a craft of some kind. Whether it's from another planet is a matter of conjecture."