Last week it snowed, yesterday people wore shorts and by the end of the week it will snow again.

Hobart enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine yesterday, with the temperature creeping up to a summer-like 18.1C.

Out of all the capital cities in Australia, only Darwin, Sydney and Brisbane were warmer than Hobart.

But as children took time out to play at the beach, Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Barry Becker had some bad news: don't make any outdoor engagements for later in the week.

After more mild weather today, Hobart will struggle to reach double-digit temperatures for six days in a row.

Mr Becker said yesterday's warmth was an aberration.

"It is really unusual weather -- the average for June is 11.1C and we are way above that," he said.

Last week, an icy blast closed roads, contributed to crashes, caused power blackouts and brought mountain snow.

Mr Becker said a series of "vigorous" cold fronts will create a similar weather pattern by Wednesday

"On Tuesday it will be 11C but then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we are only predicting 9C," he said.