Austrian Health Minister Andrea Kdolsky confirmed on Wednesday that measles epidemic has broken out in some regions of Austria while Salzburg's Governor Gabi Burgstaller called on the vaccination for the victims.

According to Austrian Press Agency (APA), Burgstaller claimed for measles vaccinations for people who were under 40 years old and never infected with measles.

"This is the only sensible and effective measure to control the further spread of measles affection," she emphasized.

The measles epidemic broke out firstly in a school in Salzburg, where 127 measles patients have been registered. Infected people have also been found in Upper Austria near Salzburg.

Experts estimated that the number of infected people would be further increasing. Director of District Management Bureau of Salzburg Christine Fuchs said infected people were mainly children and youngsters, the measles-source school "has been isolated."

Local health departments also called on people to stay at home to avoid being infected. People who had suspicious symptoms like fever or eczema should call the nearby clinic or stay at home, waiting for immediate treatment, so that the patients would have less possibility to spread the disease.

Meanwhile, the Austrian Pharmacy Chamber said in its press release that vaccine against measles in Salzburg are available in all pharmacies with a price-cut till end of April and the cost of 24 euros per dose, of which the original price was 29 euros.

The Upper Austrian Health Bureau confirmed on Wednesday that three children who were also the students in a Salzburg school, were infected with measles.

In order to better prevent and control the epidemic, Kdolsky said the medical staff and persons in the Red Cross could be vaccinated free of charge.

She also pointed out that the parents did not think much of the vaccination against measles in the past few years, which was wrong. The vaccination had efficiently prevented the outbreak of measles in the past few decades.