Experts said Wednesday that research continues toward an illness that resembles common childhood conditions -- but can be deadly if not spotted in time.

Symptoms of the ailment, called Kawasaki Disease, include high fever, rash, swelling of the hands and feet, reddening of the eyes, and swollen lymph nodes, experts said.

According to experts, if treatment isn't started within 10 days, permanent damage to the heart -- or even death -- can occur. Its cause is unknown.

Officials said that a local pediatrician attending a CME class on Kawasaki Disease recognized the symptoms in one of her patients and referred the child to Jane Burns M.D., a Kawasaki Disease researcher at UCSD who sees patients at Rady Children's Hospital.

Burns diagnosed the 8-year-old Vista boy with this mysterious illness and immediately began treatment. The child has since recovered from this dangerous disease.