Attention, late-night talk show hosts: Vice President Dick Cheney is going hunting on Monday.

Cheney became the butt of jokes for shooting a companion in 2006. On Monday, the vice president is picking up his shotgun for an outing in New York's Hudson River Valley. He is expected to spend the day at a hunting club in Dutchess County before returning to Washington.

Cheney, on a hunting trip in Texas on Feb. 11, 2006, shot attorney Harry Whittington in the torso, neck and face when he pulled the trigger on his 28-gauge shotgun. The vice president later called it ''one of the worst days of my life'' and said, ''The image of him falling is something I'll never ever be able to get out of my mind.''

Comment: Yeah, right. What a laugh.

The shooting was ruled an accident. Whittington was hospitalized for six days.

Cheney has gone hunting at least a couple of times since the accident.