Clusters of lights in the night sky have left a puzzled family wondering if they were watching a UFO.

©Lorna Godden
Lorna Godden took this picture on Saturday night

The Godden family, of Cradley Road, New Eltham, first saw the orange lights four months ago, shooting across the sky in the direction of west London.

Around 25 of the lights were spotted in the space of half an hour, at around 9pm as Lorna and Mark Godden relaxed in their garden with their children.

On Saturday night (September 15), the lights returned.

Mrs Godden, 38, said: "They flew over west London again, approximately 20 single passes in all, in the space of 30 minutes.

"There were planes going by and they were higher than the planes.

"They were doing a sequence, one cluster was making a triangle and then all of a sudden they disappeared, they just vanished.

"Our initial thoughts were 'where are they coming from?' and 'what are they?'

"There was no noise, no sound at all.

©Lorna Godden
Strange lights were seen in the sky

"We did wonder if it was fireworks or a strobe light, but it can't have been."

The mother-of-two added: "It wasn't until I was watching an American UFO programme that I realised what I might have seen.

"The lights on the footage were white but they were doing the same thing, flying in a row.

"I am very interested and even it turns out to be nothing like that, I still want to know what I saw."

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