Heavy wind and rain deluged much of Jacksonville and north eastern Florida overnight on Monday. Up to 7 inches of rain came down over a portion of Duval County in less than 12 hours Monday.

The sudden downpour caused street flooding in downtown Jacksonville, Riverside, San Marco, and on Jacksonville's beaches and at Ponte Vedra.

The Highway Patrol was forced to close down portions of I-95 and I-10 in both directions due to standing water. The agency also says it worked more than a dozen car wrecks all over town Monday morning. Jacksonville police have asked drivers to avoid driving as much as possible. They also warned them to to use extreme caution when coming to standing water.

Jacksonville often called the largest continuous city in the United States experienced a unique phenomenon. Some portions of the city were dry and the sun was out while others as mentioned before were completely drenched.

"This is so incredibly localized," Channel 4 meteorologist Richard Nunn said. "People outside of the metropolitan area are seeing the sun peeking from behind the clouds."

Some people are taking advantage of the heavy wind, rain and rough seas and took to the beaches. Lifeguars even did some rough weather training.

"For the general public, it's probably not a good idea to go in. The waves will hold you down for a little bit, so be ready to hold your breath," said lifeguard Inna Gudiyve.

Bands of heavy rainfall are expected to continue to impact northeast Florida on Tuesday as a surface trough lingers offshore. Storm total rainfall amounts from Jacksonville beach to saint Augustine have approached 5 to 8 inches, And Additional Rainfall from training cells today will only aggravate flooding of already saturated ground.