A Ripley man had a close encounter of the third kind this weekend when he spotted mysterious orange lights hovering over Belper.

The unidentified flying objects were seen by Jason Selby, of Ripley, at around 9.20pm while driving towards Derby on the A38 on Saturday night.

Mr Selby, said: "I watched these two objects fly from the direction of Derby. One followed the other in what seemed to be almost a straight line. At first I thought that they may be helicopters, but I noticed that they had no green or red navigation lights visible on them."

My Selby then pulled into the layby on A38 just before the Kilburn turn off and watched the two objects in the sky for another two minutes.

He said: "As they passed close to the layby I noticed there was no engine noise from the first object and a few seconds later, just after flying over the A38, the first object started to fade and then vanished completely. The same happened to the other object a few seconds later at about the same point."

Mr Selby said that visibility was good that evening and there were no clouds in the sky.