"It was big... It was huge in the sky, " Cynthia Costello says.

Cynthia Costello is no stranger to meteor showers in shingle springs this time of year... But nothing prepared her for what she saw overnight.


Cynthia says "It looked like kind of flashes for a little bit for just a couple seconds and then it was just a big burst and it startled me so bad... And said did you see that and he huh... He was asleep."

She's convinced the explosion in the sky was a meteor.

Cynthia says "it looked kind of like lighting but confined in a spherical type... It was very, very, bright, brighter than lighting... Cause it lit up the whole backyard and lit up the inside of the house.... It was like two seconds max."

Costello soon found out she's not the only one who caught the night show.

Cynthia says "I figured i'll call in the morning to see if something happened, and they said
we are not sure what it is but we are looking into it."

We sent the e-mails to the discovery museum in sacrmento. Judy Pischalnikoff shares her opinion as a space educator.

Judy says "I would call it a meteor but not part of the meteor shower. Because it was so huge."

While space educators say this video was likely of a meteor, they have no way of knowing if it hit the ground like this meteorite that fell long ago in Arizona. It's believed other pictures sent in are of space debris. If you missed the show last night, not to worry. Meteor showers can be seen in the sky for the next week.