About 110 people get infected with AIDS in Russia daily. At present, only 362,000 AIDS-infected people are officially registered, and according to forecasts of specialists, at least 400,000 people will be infected with AIDS by the yearend.

Director of the Russian Healthcare Foundation Dmitry Golayev cited at a press conference this statistics of the Ministry of Health and Social Development on Wednesday. Meanwhile, he noted that the official statistics lags behind the real figures about 2.5 times, so that about one million people will be infected with AIDS by the yearend. Golayev noted the importance of implementing the national project for AIDS prevention and treatment. Under the project in 2007 about 30,000 infected people will get necessary medicines, and some of them are prisoners. About 20 million people take AIDS tests every year. "The earlier the treatment will begin, the higher chances are to live a full life," Golayev pointed out.

The AIDS problem ceased long ago to be actual only for AIDS risk groups of people. At present, 40 percent of new AIDS cases are ordinary men and women, who are not drug addicts or homosexuals. The expert also recalled that if the number of AIDS infected people exceeds 10 percent of Russia's total population, a sweeping epidemic breaks out that threatens the security of the country. For Russia this figure is 1.4 million people.

The all-Russian motor race "AIDS-STOP", which will run through 15 Russian cities from Vladivostok to Moscow, will be held from September 1 until October 20, 2007. During the motor race famous musicians will give charity concerts, students of schools and institutes will attend lectures on AIDS prevention, scientific round-table meetings will be held.