Penwith's ufo mystery deepened this week as further sightings of "fiery" objects in the night skies emerged - including one close encounter captured on film.

Unidentified flying objects have now been spotted over three West Cornwall towns in the past fortnight.

First to be seen by an amazed witness in Hayle were "fiery red/orange" objects flying at high altitude.

Now it has emerged that he is not alone - with perhaps dozens of other people in St Ives and Penzance reporting similar incidents.

Laura Husband of St Ives contacted The Cornishman after reading last week's report of the Hayle sighting.

She claims her brother, James, recently had a similar experience in St Ives. Intriguingly, she may have seen the same thing in the same part of town - two years ago.

Laura, a holiday park receptionist, explained: "I saw a single fiery object exactly as described in last week's Cornishman article several years ago in St Ives.

"The memory of what I saw has stayed with me as I was so amazed. The week before this story was printed my brother came home and said I wouldn't believe him but he had just seen these strange fiery balls.

"I did believe him. He described exactly what I had seen and the stranger part was that he had seen them in exactly the same spot I had seen them a few years earlier."

Then, in a further twist, a work colleague of Laura revealed a friend had captured another UFO incident above Penzance's harbour area on their mobile phone's video camera.

"You can clearly see this fiery ball moving around un-like anything else.

"It bounces around just above the street lights, then, all of a sudden it appears to move away into the far distance at great speed.

"I think it's fascinating that there have been so many similar sightings of the same description around the same time of night.

"I'm keeping an open mind about what it might be but it's interesting that so many people are talking about seeing these similar-sounding objects."

Meanwhile, the Cornwall UFO Research Group is hoping to discover the truth about the sightings.

Founder David Gillham told The Cornishman West Cornwall appeared to be experiencing a spate of UFOs, and revealed further sightings had been reported at Sennen Cove and Porthcurno.

"There's a hell of a lot of people seeing these things at the moment," he said.

* The Cornwall UFO Research Group can be contacted on 01872 276381, or found online at www.cornwall- .