Data Sources: E. C. Stone, et all. Voyager 1 Explores the Termination Shock Region and the Heliosheat Beyond. Science; Vol. 309, pp. 2017-2020. 23 September 2005. NASA/NOAA. Interpretation: Nasif Nahle © 2005.

Cosmic Rays are atomic nuclei (generally protons) and electrons that are observed to collide with the Earth's atmosphere with exceedingly high energies. When these nucleons bump with the atmospheric molecules most of their energy is released as heat, warming up the Earth's atmosphere. As it is shown in this graph, the "Global Warming" is not an anthropogenic event, but a natural cycle related to the energy of the Universe, not with an anomalous Greenhouse Effect.

It is evident that the He nucleons (blue line) affect directly on the Earth's temperature variations (red line); however, it looks as if there were not a coincidence between the Intergalactic Cosmic Rays (green line) and the Global Warming Variation (GWV). However, in the graph, below these lines, I transferred the gray line that corresponds to the Intergalactic Cosmic Rays (ICR) just 13.7 months, so you can see the conclusive coincidence between the ICR and the Earth temperature oscillations.


Written on December 05, 2006: This year has been the coldest year of the decade. It seems to be that finally the global tropospheric temperatures are being standardized. This confirms that the fluctuations of the terrestrial temperature (and of all planets of the Solar System) are cyclical and that are caused by other sidereal systems outside the Earth. There is no Global Warming due to human activities.