Omaha, Nebraska - It was a tiny, cigarette burn on an old buffet that first grabbed Laura Michael's attention at the Goodwill WearHouse. As the manager, she's used to seeing worn pieces of furniture. But two weeks ago, this newly delivered piece seemed to evoke memories and the smells of holidays at her family home in Phoenix.

She thought about how her family had a similar heirloom, given to them by her great-grandmother. But her mother was forced to sell it two decades ago because money was tight.

When she saw the burn, she was struck because her old buffet was scarred in the same way.

And then, the 37-year-old woman took a position familiar to her as a child. She crawled underneath the 5-foot-long, 3-foot high buffet. ...

As a child, she used to go under furniture and doodle houses and suns on the bottom of hutches, chairs and tables.

Perhaps she'd find similar markings, she thought.

Not only did she find a little house she had drawn, but she also found her name written on the unfinished wood.

Michael quickly called her mom to tell her of their good luck. She offered to send it to her mother, who refused. The piece was destined for her daughter, she said.

It's not clear how the piece arrived in Omaha. Goodwill does not track where pieces come from or who donates them.

Michael's roommate bought the buffet for her for $50. Michael said she hopes to refinish it and display it in her kitchen.

"I'm sure I'm going to love it once it all sinks in," Michael said. "But it's been pretty creepy."