Berlin - Brigitte Hoffmann wishes that her bar was not such a hit with some Berliners -- on Wednesday burglars robbed it for the 81st time in 12 years.

"Why does it always have to be me?" she asked on Thursday.

She said some seven televisions, 15 stereos, three telephones and countless bottles of schnapps had been stolen from the "Tages-Bar" in the eastern district of Treptow.

"In January, robbers even rang up a sex hotline," the 61-year-old Hoffmann told Reuters by telephone. "I am not going to be intimidated, no, I'm going to fight," she said.

Hoffmann's regular clients, who presented her with flowers last month to mark the occasion of the 80th break-in, have taken to guarding the bar themselves.

Police have only twice caught offenders red-handed.