Belarus is preparing for war, but Minsk he doesn't want to fight. The Belarusian leader declared this, Alexander Lukashenko, as part of his visit to Hrodna. "Don't believe those who say we want to fight. We are preparing for war, I speak frankly about it.

'If you want peace, prepare for war,' I didn't invent that phrase," said lukashenko, quoted by the news agency "beautiful". The head of state added that the country carries out the necessary training of military units, providing troops with various types of weapons and equipment. "If from there (from hostile countries) someone pushes us and criticizes us, know that we are doing the right thing," underlined the Belarusian leader.

Lukashenko However, he reiterated that Minsk does not threaten anyone. "We do not threaten anyone. We don't need foreign land," he said again.