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Who wants to face the truth?

Hitler was notorious for not wanting to face the consequences of his actions.

When he authorized Aktion T4 (euthanasia programme), he told Philipp Bouhler who executed it that he did not want any details or statistics (October 1939).

When Himmler briefed Hitler in October 1939 on the actions of the Einsatzgruppen in Poland, Hitler told Himmler not to mention them again.

Guests of Hitler (usually at the Berghof), were given a sheet of paper with instructions. It detailed when meals would be served, what to wear, and what topics not to mention ... one of them were concentration camps. Hitler did his utmost best not to know what happened.

But we see this in other matters as well. Hitler did not want to be briefed on air raids, refused to visit destroyed cities, and even had curtains installed in his train and car so he did not have to look at the devastation of the War.

When the reports from the front became too gloomy, he just stopped reading them and told his valet, Heinz Linge, to put on some light music. According to Linge, Hitler was fleeing from reality as early as early 1942. Thierry Etienne Joseph Rotty. Central Planning, NATO.

Plausible deniability made simple

By this time, they should be no doubt about who is responsible for the recent terror attack in Moscow.

Ukrainian Nazi (SBU). The CIA. MI 6.

And... wait for it. Mossad.

But that does not mean that the "Ukraine", the "US", the "UK", and "Israel" knew the details of these attacks. Their leaders didn't want to be told anything that that might disturb their sleep. No nitty-gritty. No nits that can be picked at. No grit to foul up the mechanism of government.

The guys at the top are rather like Mafia Dons - who just tell their henchmen, "Just fix the problem โ€” anyway you like". Then, they pass them envelopes full of money.

SBU. CIA. MI 6. Mossad. Guilty.

Hang Em
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Ukraine. The US. The UK. Israel. Complicit.

There is a slight difference between "guilt" and "complicity". But in either case you should hang.

Let us keep in mind that the CIA, MI 6, and Mossad are the greatest sponsors of terrorism in history โ€” with death counts higher than Hitler's. Now the Ukrainian SBU is playing catch-up.

Smoking Guns: ISIS K, Ukraine, Israel

American, Ukrainian, and Israeli support for ISIS is well known, with Ukraine a homebase for ISIS.

Ukraine, for years, has served as a key transit hub for terrorists travelling to and from Syria. ISIS militants were transported from the North and South Caucasus and Central Asian countries through Ukraine to Turkiye and then on to Syria and Iraq. The intensification of the flow of terrorists coincided with the Maidan coup d'etat of February 2014 and the new Kiev regime's war on Donbass. As a result, the Ukrainian security services paid little or no attention to the movement of ISIS fighters. Facing obstacles upon returning to their countries of origin, these jihadists opted to settle in Ukraine.

The Israelis have admitted to providing medical treatment for anti-Assad forces - including Al Nusra and ISIS and also providing them with weaponry. ISIS in return focused on Shi'a targets โ€” Iran and Syrian forces. It also declared Hamas the enemy.

Yes, I know.... Recently Israel has declared Hamas is like ISIS. Which of course it is not โ€” since it is no longer a Muslim fundamentalist organization โ€” but a nationalist one.

The Syrian conflict began in 2011, with the Russians supporting Assad. Russia's direct military involvement began in 2015. By 2018, the Syrians and the Russians together were crushing the various Islamic extremist groups โ€” Al Qaeda, Al Nusra โ€” and ISIS. That prompted the fake Douma sarin attack โ€” and intensification of the Western information war.

In terms of that (mis, dis, mal) information war, ISIS as well as Al Qaeda and Al Nusra were liabilities.

"Where do babies come from, daddy?"

"Mommies and daddies have sex and that makes babies."

"How about ISIS K, Daddy?"

"That was a different kind of baby. The US, Israel, Mossad, and Old ISIS had sex together - that ISIS K was born".


ISIS K was a demon child.

It was more problematic than the other Islamic extremist groups. However, it was conveniently multinational, including Pakistanis, Afghans, and Tajiks. So, why not recycle. Was born Waste not want not.

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ISIS K was born in Afghanistan. A complicated birth with multiple umbilicals.

ISIS K โ€” at first barely survived but it got by with a little help from its parents โ€” who pretended to be strict but actually doted on it. Like any psychopathic kid. it had its own agenda but needed to keep its mommies and daddies happy and get its allowance โ€” which it could then spend on all sorts of nastiness.

Metaphors aside, the real-world ISIS K needed help of various kinds - especially intelligence. A little mercenary work compatible with its enemies list kept not only the cash flowing but information too.

In 2023 ISIS K carried out terrorist attacks in Turkey โ€” Erdogan having won the election โ€” despite the best efforts of both Israel and the US to influence the vote.

You will recall that Erdogan, had been the target of a CIA / Mossad coup in 2016, which he survived thanks to the Russians. 250 people died. The US and Israel denied all accusations.

With the Turkish elections over, Erdogan has been attacking Israeli and Americans supported extremist groups in Syria โ€” as well as Israeli and American actions in Gaza.

Where there's smoke... there's probably a bomb.

On January 3, 2024, ISIS K attacked a commemoration ceremony in Iran for the assassination of Qasem Soleimani killing 94 people. The attack was carried out by a Tajik national and a Tajik Israeli national.
Iran Massacre
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The US said that it had warned the Iranians that an attack was imminent โ€” but as was the case with the "warning" in Moscow, it provided no actionable intelligence as to when, where, how.

But clearly the Americans were privy to the plot - just as they were in Moscow. It is also clear that the Israelis were involved since the attack required the kind of support network the Israelis have set up before for their various terrorist activities in Iran.

Iran naturally did not take Israeli and American denials seriously โ€” and responded by destroying Mossad's spy base in Erbil and anti-Syrian, CIA supported Kurdish groups. Suddenly the Yemenis have started using new and more advanced weaponry!

Putin has rightly called the US the Empire of Lies. Israel is the Land of Lies.

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