© Sputnik / Ekaterina Shtukina
French President Emmanuel Macron has postponed his visit to Ukraine because he is a pathological coward, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has claimed. The Elysee Palace announced on Monday that Macron's long-awaited visit to Ukraine will take place sometime "in the coming weeks."

The announcement marks the third delay of the French leader's visit to Ukraine. Macron had initially planned to visit Kiev to sign a bilateral security agreement last month, but the document ended up being signed during Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's trip to Paris.

"Macron preparing to visit Kiev? But he's a zoological coward!" Medvedev posted in French on X (formerly Twitter), recommending that Macron's office pack "several changes of underwear" and prepare for a "strong stink."

Medvedev claimed that he originally wrote the message in the morning, but by the time he decided to post it - the French president had already "s**t himself" and pulled out of the planned visit. "Poor France!" he added.

Instead of hurrying to Kiev, Macron wants to "take the necessary time" for talks with allies to be able to visit Ukraine "with tangible results," Politico wrote on Monday, citing an anonymous French diplomat.

In recent weeks, the French president has escalated his hawkish rhetoric towards Russia, suggesting in late February that sending Western troops to Ukraine cannot be ruled out. Last Tuesday in Prague, he called on European nations to step up support for Kiev amid the Ukraine-Russia conflict, saying Europe is facing times "where it will be appropriate not to be a coward."

NATO members are seeking to boost military aid to Kiev amid worries that funding from Ukraine's biggest war sponsor - the US - will dry up. Earlier this year, the White House said that Washington had used up all the money allocated to Ukraine thus far - more than $113 billion. An additional $60 billion in US funding is still being held up in Congress, although recently it was suggested that the money should be loaned to Kiev, rather than given away.

Moscow maintains that Western military aid to Ukraine does little to alter the course of the conflict, while extending the hostilities and causing needless deaths. Commenting on Macron's words regarding the possibility of deploying Western troops to Ukraine, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that doing so would make a direct clash between NATO and Russia "inevitable."