The rock slide caused extensive damage.
The rock slide caused extensive damage.
The Deviandes concessionaire has ordered the total closure of the road from Corcona to Casapalca, so drivers are urged to take alternative routes.

The heavy rains that have fallen in recent days have caused heavy rocks to fall in two sections of the Central Highway, an important road that connects Lima with the mountains.

The RPP correspondent in Junín reported that one of the avalanches was recorded at kilometer 97 of the Central Highway, in the Cacray sector, belonging to the district of San Mateo, province of Huarochirí.

In this place, the stones destroyed a tanker truck and severely damaged another, according to police information. Likewise, the rocks destroyed the asphalt layer, interrupting free traffic.

The second avalanche was recorded at kilometer 88 of the aforementioned road, in the Ocatara sector, where rocks fell and affected a trailer, which ended up lost.

In dialogue with RPP, Hugo Gonzáles, mayor of the province of Huarochirí , reported that, due to these landslides, two people were injured, although fortunately without risk to their lives.

Central Highway closed

The concessionaire Deviandes reported that the total closure of the Central Highway , from Corcona to Casapalca, has been ordered for cleaning and repair of the road, but it has not been specified for how long.

In this regard, the National Police recommended drivers consider alternative routes to the city of Lima, from Chupaca-Junín, through Cañete; and the route through Canta, which passes through the Cordillera de la Widow, in the Pasco region.

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