Two State Solution
Mr. Netanyahu's rejection of a two-state solution was not just his alone. Rather, it represents a consensus of Israel's political establishment. Moreover, it was reached from a position of self-perceived strength.

The problem is that Israel has passed its peak. This is due to strategic failures.

For one, it assumed that technology and overwhelming firepower would always insure a rapid victory. It does, when facing an opponent operating with a unified command structure. However, when facing an opponent consisting of many small, independent, units that operate in cooperation with one another but which rely on network decision-making, personal responsibility, flexible response, and mobility, then the bigger the aggressor with a unified command structure like Israel's is, the more subject it is to small scale defeats. No single defeat is overwhelming, but, cumulatively, they represent disaster.

Another strategic failure was one of social cohesiveness. The Judaic population of Israel are immigrant peoples coming from around the globe and are fragmented accordingly. As a result, it is a politically fractured and corrupt nation. Economically, Israel became a success story, but this was because of continuous injections of American and German foreign aid and not a fully indigenous achievement. The aid created comfort, but money does not, by itself, create cohesiveness.

The Palestinian community, on the other hand, are indigenous and living, to a large degree, as multi-generational refugees in the ghettos permitted for them to live in as open air prisons by the Israeli political entity. Whether Islam or Eastern Orthodox Christianity, they found refuge in religion and in each other. Social cohesiveness is incomparably higher.

Another strategic failure is intelligence gathering. Israel's intelligence community is inherently incompetent with regard to the Islamic world, because it despises Middle Eastern peoples and makes no attempt to understand them, even though they fear other Middle Eastern nations greatly. Instead of unbiased research, there is a dependence on assassination and destabilization carried out by local criminal networks that owe loyalty to no one, including their paymasters, the Israeli State. Palestinians, being surrounded by it, have a detailed understanding of everything going on in the Israeli political entity.

But, the most serious strategic blunder of Israel is its inability to see that America's glory days have ended, due to the battlefields of Ukraine and the de-dollarization of the Russian and Chinese economies. Israel's control of the American government can now only become an increasingly greater political liability. Essentially, Israel has made the mistake of tying its fate to its political influence over reckless incompetents presiding over a dynamite keg in danger of explosion.

Nevertheless, the international community is now united in favor of a two-state solution. Yet, Israel has rejected it. This means continued long term warfare. But, the longer this warfare lasts, the weaker the United States will become and, with it, the more the trouble to be faced by the Israeli armed forces. Israel's rejection of a two-state solution was its last chance for a secure future. Its rejection was the same thing as signing its own death warrant, a death that will come one pinprick at a time until America finally explodes.

To paraphrase the inimitable Mr. Medvedev, the former president of the Russian Federation, "It's time to get out the popcorn and enjoy the show."

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