Like an abusive husband, who beats his wife to make her love him.
Abusive Husband
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Today, especially in Germany, the socialist-green movement is failing miserably and plummeting in the polls - to record low levels. Desperate, socialist-green governments in Europe are now resorting to heavy-handed tactics to force citizens to "like" them again.

Growing censorship, opposition bans

For example, the EU has just enacted the Digital Services Act (Regulation (EU), which is a regulation regarding "illegal content, transparent advertising, and disinformation".

Meanwhile, Germany is pushing to enact a draconian Democracy Security Act, designed to seriously curb online speech and obliterate opposition.

Will backfire

As well-intentioned as these new laws may sound, they are all designed to distract for the huge problems the green movement is causing and to stifle opposition and free speech. It's an abusive relationship that's never going to work.

Like a husband who beats his wife, the beatings will probably just get worse the more he gets rejected by her. That's how things are getting in Germany. Industry is headed to the intensive care unit and the green movement is failing.

Some examples follow:

Electric vehicles being rejected

Blackout News here reports how German software giant SAP "no longer wants to use Tesla electric cars as company cars in future." and is "removing the electric car manufacturer from its list of suppliers".

Car rental companies Sixt and Hertz also no longer want Tesla, announcing "they would be significantly reducing the proportion of electric vehicles in their large fleets."

Cuts at German Ford plant

In another article, Blackout News reports that Ford is cutting 3500 of 4500 jobs at its Saarloius, Germany plant, citing a "restructuring program." Deindustrialization is accelerating in Germany.

Production slowdown at Opel

German car manufacturer Opel has announced reduced work-hours at its Eisenach plant "due to low demand" as a "direct response to falling demand for the Opel Grandland SUV, which is offered in variants including an innovative plug-in hybrid."

e-vehicle market forecast to fall 14% in 2024!

Finally Blackout News reports that the German government's target of selling 15 million vehicles by 2030 is "completely utopian", citing experts who are in fact forecasting a 14% decline in the electric car market by 2024."