The road leading to the Alaikuu valley in Kara-Kulja district of Osh region is temporarily closed for traffic for 1-2 days due to heavy snowfall, said deputy governor of the district Talant Karmyshakov.

"Yesterday, the road was opened, but due to snowfall and avalanches, it was decided to close the road. The threat of avalanches remains at 52-113 km section of the road, special equipment is delivered to the spot, electricity was restored," he said.

Previously, the Osh Electric Networks Enterprise reported a power outage in the Alaikuu valley on February 17 due to adverse weather conditions, but emergency repair works were conducted, and the power supply was resumed. Road services are clearing snow and avalanches using special equipment and inert materials.

Snowfall continues in Osh region and roads are being cleared by the road maintenance enterprise No.26 with 28 equipment and 71 workers using 110 tons of inert materials.