Heavy rains in several governorates on Monday led to the tragic deaths of six individuals, including three children, while rescue operations saw more than 190 people saved from perilous conditions. The bad weather affecting many governorates, attributed to a low-pressure trough, is expected to continue on Wednesday.

The Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) led rescue efforts, responding to over 224 reports since the onset of adverse weather on Sunday. The authority rescued individuals stranded in overflowing wadis and inundated buildings.

Late Monday night, CDAA announced that three children who were swept away in the overflowing Wadi Bani Ghafir in Rustaq were found dead.

Rescue teams of CDAA in Dhahirah managed to save one of two persons trapped in a vehicle swept away in Wadi Ghayya in Yanqul on Monday. The body of the second person was found on Tuesday morning.

The authority also reported the death of a woman following a tragic accident involving a vehicle being swept away in a wadi in Izki on Tuesday.

A police aviation unit carried out an operation to transport the body of a French woman from Wadi al Manakhar in Jabal Akhdar. A search is underway for a French man with who she was when their car was swept away on Monday.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Hammoud bin Mohammed al Mandhari, Coordinator of Relief and Shelter Sector of National Committee for Emergency Management, informed that there are a total of 229 shelters across the sultanate to provide relief in case of emergency. "All centres are ready to receive people at any time depending on the development of the weather situation."

Thirteen shelters have been activated in North Batinah and one in Buraimi. "So far, 136 citizens benefited from the shelters," Mandhari informed.

At the shelters, basic services such as food, drinks, blankets and Internet are provided.

36 arrested for crossing overflowing wadis

Dakhliyah Governorate Police Command arrested 36 people for violating regulations issued to stay away from overflowing wadis. Royal Oman Police referred them to judicial authorities for legal action.

According to the Public Prosecution, a three-month imprisonment and a fine of RO500 will be imposed on those who deliberately cross flooded wadis.

CDAA rescued several people in different governorates who had ventured into overflowing wadis.

In North Sharqiyah, the authority rescued a person after he was stranded in his vehicle in Wadi al Batha in Sinaw.

CDAA teams also rescued four people in Mudhaibi and two in Wadi Nabar in Liwa, North Batinah, after their vehicles were stuck in wadis.

Thirteen people in Dhahirah, three in Dakhliyah, three in Muscat and one in Buraimi was rescued from wadis.

Rescue teams in Dakhliyah were able to rescue 50 people after their bus was caught in a raging wadi in Manah.

Also in North Batinah, CDAA responded to a report about rising rain water in a house in the Khadraween area in Shinas and rescued a family.

In North Batinah, 107 people were taken to safety from rising water level in a medical centre.