A fatality occurred as a result of intense rainfall in the southern region of Antalya, Türkiye, on Tuesday. Educational activities were halted for a day in six districts, while efforts are underway to evacuate individuals stranded in residences and vehicles.

The lifeless body of a person was found in a car trapped in the flooded underpass of Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev subway on Gazi Boulevard in the Kepez district in the country's tourism capital.

The downpour, which began in the evening in the city center, intensified overnight. Transportation was disrupted due to water accumulation on roads and underpasses caused by the heavy rainfall.

A statement from the Antalya Governorship emphasized the persistence of adverse weather conditions in the city and warned citizens, while several measures were immediately taken.

It was announced that motor couriers would not be allowed to enter traffic.

The plane carrying the city's football club Antalyaspor's delegation landed at Gazipaşa Airport instead of Antalya Airport. An announcement from the club's social media account stated: "The plane carrying our delegation from the Samsunspor match was forced to land at Alanya Gazipaşa Airport due to adverse weather conditions. Our delegation will return to Antalya by road from Gazipaşa."

Meanwhile, it was reported that there was no emergency at Antalya Airport, and air traffic was continuing.

Homes underwater

According to information from the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, many people trapped in homes, workplaces and vehicles were evacuated.

Barış Samuray, whose house was flooded, said there was about a meter of water inside his house, and all his belongings were damaged.

Ayşenur Kaçakçı also stated that her ground-floor house had been underwater since 3 a.m. due to the heavy rainfall. Kaçakçı, unable to enter the ground floors, said all her belongings were floating in the water and that they were waiting for help from the teams.

Ertuğrul Eymir explained that he and his family did not sleep at all during the night and it was difficult to evacuate those staying in the caretaker's lodge and on the ground floor of the building. He also mentioned being trapped himself and that the cars in the building's yard were submerged in water. "We are in a very difficult situation. The water rose very high and is about to enter my house," he said.

Residents living on the ground floors in the neighborhood were evacuated by Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) teams. Shopkeepers tried to drain the water from their businesses.

Municipal teams were dispatched to manage water drainage at the entrances of buildings.