Demak Regency Flood
© AntaraDemak Regency Flood
The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Demak Regency, Central Java noted that the number of residents of Demak Regency who fled due to flooding reached 8,170 people. Where the victims came from various areas affected by the flood.

"The number of displaced residents is the result of data collection as of Thursday (9/2) at 22.00 WIB," said Acting Head of BPBD Demak Regency M Agus Nugroho Luhur quoting Antara.

Of course, he said, the number of refugees also included the impact of flooding experienced by residents in Karanganyar District, following the breakdown of the Wulan River and Jratun River embankments.

Thousands of refugees, some occupy places of worship, village halls, and schools. While the most refugees in Kedungwaru Village, Lor reached 4,500 people, followed by Undaan Kidul Village reaching 2,569 people. While in other places the number of refugees varies.

He revealed that the Jeratun River embankment collapsed due to high water discharge, so that the embankment in Tambirejo Village (Ganjah District) broke down with a length of between 15-20 centimeters (Cm).

Meanwhile, the broken Wulan River embankment, he said, occurred at two points, namely in Hamlet Norowito.

As a result of the breakdown of the Wulan and Jratun River embankments, four villages in Karanganyar Subdistrict were affected by flooding. Such as Ketanjung Village, Karanganyar Village, Undaan Lor Village, and Ngemplik Wetan Village with 1,350 houses affected.

"We are still collecting data in Karanganyar District because the data that came in was only from two villages," he said.

Rofiatun, a resident of Kalianyar Village (Wonosalam District) admitted that he had to flee to the nearest prayer room, considering that his house was flooded to the height of his knees due to the breakdown of the Tuntang River embankment since Tuesday (6/2) afternoon.

Meanwhile, a total of 30 villages were affected by the flood. Meanwhile, the number of affected families reached 16,389 families, while the soul reached 63,465 people, and hundreds of hectares of agricultural areas.

Floods that occurred in Karanganyar District also resulted in access to Jalan Pantura Timur Demak-Kudus being cut off due to flooding with a depth of 140 cm.