Waterspout spotted off Timaru on Saturday morning.
© Andrew BeazleyWaterspout spotted off Timaru on Saturday morning.
Several waterspouts have been spotted along the south Canterbury coastline this morning.

Andrew Beazley and his wife had been walking their dog on South Beach, Timaru, at 8am on Saturday morning when they spotted the waterspouts.

He told 1News they typically went down to the beach a few times a week, but "it's the first time I've seen anything like that off the coast."

The spouts were about "two [or] three kilometres" off the coast, he said.

"They remained in the same spot ... the clouds weren't moving.

"One [spout] had collapsed and another had fallen a couple of times."

Beazley said he and his wife remained at the beach for about half an hour watching the waterspouts.