A man in a wheelchair was allegedly attacked by a pair of dogs in Florida City on Wednesday afternoon.

Police said that man was rushed to Jackson South's Ryder Trauma Center with severe injuries to his arm after the attack, which took place near Northwest 10th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Local 10 News' Cody Weddle spoke to a neighbor who did not want to give her name, but said she was surprised to hear of the attack.

"That's Boo Boo," the neighbor said of one of the dogs. "Very peaceful. He got out the other day, and my mom was able to take him, give him food, and he went right back inside his kennel."

That woman lives next door to the home where the dogs live, and said she has interacted with them many times.

"Jumpety, the black one, he jumps over the fence," she said of the second dog. "He literally can jump over the fence. I was very amazed and surprised by that. I think he's very dangerous, because he did attack another person before."

Florida City police said the owner of the dogs who lives at the home is currently in jail, and other people had been taking care of the dogs, which are now in the custody of Animal Control.

"If the big brown dog attacked, he was probably more attacking because he was hungry and scared," the neighbor said.

She added that she recently saw that two new dogs were living at the home, and that she believes that may have agitated the two dogs that attacked, causing them to act out.

Authorities have yet to provide an update on the victim's condition.