Netizens took to social media to share terrifying videos of flooding, washing out roads and damage from the storm in Dammam

It's time yet again to dust off that Burberry trench! It's looking like a wet weekend for residents of Dammam, Saudi Arabia who saw torrential rain, hail and flooding yesterday.

The rain in Saudi Arabia saw government authorities issued public warnings and have advised residents to stay indoors and avoid flooded areas - with Dammam being hit particularly hard. On November 2, the city experienced a substantial amount of rainfall, including hail showers, which resulted in public disruptions.

Large hailstones fell from the sky and inflicted damage to car windows and storefronts, creating a dangerous environment that discouraged pedestrians from venturing outdoors.

According to, a thunderstorm affected the city from 11:00 am in the morning to 15:00 in the afternoon; more rainfall is expected for the evening of November 3rd.

Naturally, when an extreme bout of snow or rain occurs in Saudi Arabia, residents took to social media to share videos of their experience with the rain.

The rainfall led to significant delays, leaving a multitude of civilians stranded in traffic.

In other areas of Dammam, the relentless downpour resulted in severe flooding, causing numerous vehicles to be submerged and unable to move. This dire situation compelled many residents to abandon their vehicles and seek assistance.