It sounds like the plot to a highly questionable adult documentary, but it's true. Hey, I'm just quoting Open Snow.

The 'Mass and Highlands got "24 inches in 24 hours."

Everyone in the 'hood here in the RFV has been posting and reporting pics of the measuring stick at AS this morning.

And in the wake of this white tsunami, that "stake" is lookin' mighty short.

As the ever talented Sam Collentine with Open Snow reported this morning:

"Here are the rough storm totals based on the snow stake cams and automated weather stations on the mountains as of Sunday morning...

Highlands: 24+"
Snowmass: 24+"

Buttermilk: 18+"
Aspen Mountain: 18+"

"Highlands and Snowmass could have received more but the automated sensors were a bit funky over the past 24 hours. Holy smokes!"

Holy smokes, indeed.

I gotta say, it's even impressive in the "Banana Belt" (Basalt and downvalley), because generally when snowmageddon is happening up top, this area stays relatively clean.

Now I have to do some shoveling. Goddamned winter.