Flash floods were reported in various parts of Trinidad after thundershowers around midday on Wednesday.

A Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government (MoRDLG) told Newsday no major incidents were reported to the disaster management units of respective regional corporations during yesterday's downpour. However, Newsday's sub-editor, Warren La Platte and his roommate were flooded at their Beaulieu, Trincity dwelling.

For La Platte, it was the first time having his home flooded. He said the rains began around 1.30 pm and, within half an hour, water started entering the apartment from the inundated street. He averages there was around five inches of water inside the house. He said damages are still being assessed.

"(Flooding) was always something I had in the back of my mind but I guess it was a false sense of security spending almost a year here and not seeing anything close to the water even thinking about coming inside," he said.He said his neighbours were fortunate not to suffer his fate. He believes the location of their house on the street played a role in the incident. "The street angles down. We at the bottom of the street right where the drain is to drain out the water. So it looks like it's an issue where the water accumulated too fast for the drain to deal with and we got the brunt of it," he said.

He said his vehicle was parked on the pavement yet water managed to breach the doors and enter the vehicle. Up to 3.45 pm, the eastbound lanes of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway were flooded between Orange Grove Road and Trincity, with drivers opting to use the right lane of the westbound carriageway instead, to bypass the water. Parts of the southbound lanes of the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway near the Couva flyover were also partially flooded.

An update from the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government (MoRDLG) also reported flooding on the Priority Bus Route near Macoya. The flooded streets caused resulting traffic delays.Videos emerging on social media showed power lines sparking in a torrential downpour near UWI, St Augustine, and flooding in the same area and Tunapuna along the Eastern Main Road.

In south Trinidad, videos showed street flooding near the Piparo junction, Williamsville, Penal and Princes Town.