The way forward for Japan, as well as Taiwan and Korea, is to emulate Saudi Arabia and to tiptoe away as gingerly as they can from their American lords and masters.

Fresh from defiling Western Europe, Clown Prince Zelensky's slug show next hit Saudi Arabia and Japan, two countries where protocol and presentation are paramount. Zelensky's insistence on showing up in both countries in his GI Joe regalia did whatever self-serving cause he was propounding immense and irreparable harm.

First off was Saudi Arabia where Syria's President Assad, and the world's other Arab leaders, showed how things are done in their neck of the woods, much as they are done in Japan. You dress the part, play by the rules and business gets done.

Indeed, when you fly into Tokyo's Narita Airport, you first see a huge sign: Welcome to Japan. Obey the Rules. One such rule is that, when in Rome, one does as the Romans or, in their case, the Japanese do. It is essential because, as any Japanese will tell you, the nail that sticks up gets hammered down. No square pegs in round holes there; in Japan, as in Saudi Arabia, it is strictly horses for courses and no GI Joe, unless you are into teenage cosplay.

None of that registered with Zelensky and his goons, who showed up in their knock-off Nazi field uniforms and were given walk-on parts by the Saudis, who could not wait to be shot of them. The Saudis, remember, had broken bread with Assad and, with China's help, were mending bridges with both Iran and Yemen.

And what does Zelensky do? He goes on an ill-informed rant to the entire Arab world against Iran, Syria and Russia. What that means is that Zelensky's handlers were either too arrogant or too ignorant to read the room. If America with its Assad Regime Anti-Normalization Act of 2023 and Nazi Germany's Annalena Baerbock, with her parroting the American line on Syria, want to know where and when they lost the Arab world, they need only look at that fool's breath-takingly ignorant Saudi Arabian performance.

Although our May 19th editorial on G7's Hiroshima love-in was excellent, the photo accompanying it showed those G7 leaders (sic), together with von der Leyen and some other EU nobody up as the empty karaoke orchestra charlatans that they are. These seven samurai, seven dwarves, seven deadly sins or whatever they imagined themselves to be, looked like these stock photos teenagers slap into their websites.

This impression was re-enforced by the manner in which they strutted around Hiroshima, mocking the victims of that infamous 1945 terrorist attack by using the city's monuments as background for their photo shoots, much as porn stars or other social influencers would. For, make no mistake, that is all they are, social media influencers, all form, no substance.

After laughing at Japan's Prime Minister having to lead Biden by the hand, look at the manner in which that Canadian oaf, Trudeau, man spread in front of the Korean Prime Minister. That is the pose of a social media troll, not of a leader. And then you have the Italian Prime Minister, cute and just happy to be one of the gang, even if she, along with Japan's Prime Minister had to endure a lecture on transgender "rights" from Mr Blackface Trudeau and from the U.S. Ambassador to Tokyo, who should be spending all his waking hours apologising for America's war crimes in Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Okinawa and Tokyo itself.

Let's not forget Ukraine's GI Joe in all this. When he showed up in Hiroshima on his French Intelligence handlers' jet, MI5's BBC outlet proclaimed that his presence was a game-changer. How so? As he brought nothing bar a begging bowl to the party, Zelensky and his tired old song-and-dance routine should have been ignored, just as one eventually ignores other beggars, who can only sing the one song.

Although the Hiroshima knees-up focused on picking a fight with China, one should ponder how successful that will be and why India and the mighty Comoro Islands were invited to the jamboree and South Africa and the Philippines were not. Because India has its own considerable economic challenges to face, Prime Minister Narendra Modi diplomatically showed he is not going to throw his homeland onto that or any other G7 inspired pyre. The tiny Comoro Islands were there representing Africa because Zelensky's French handlers think they can control the Comoros and they know that G7 cannot control South Africa the way the Yankee war-mongers do the Philippines, their key launching pad to assail China.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula simply refused to meet with Zelensky for the simple reason he can spot a Ukrainian oaf when he sees one. And China, having now surpassed Japan as the world's top car exporter, was, of course, excluded, as they are considered East Asia's bad boys just as Japan were after the 1973 oil crisis. The entire Hiroshima circus was geared towards emasculating China, whose alleged human rights' abuses only became an issue when China emerged as an economic colossus.

The charm offensive of the Ukrainian president towards Brazil and India failed because firstly, Zelensky is charmless, and secondly, India and Brazil, as major trading partners of Russia, have no time for losers like Zelensky, who cannot even mention Hiroshima without putting himself and his begging bowl centre stage.

The truth of the matter with that Ukrainian oaf is he is a porno actor, groomed by MI5, to get the top seat in Kiev. But he is not the only such MI5 groomed oaf, who surfaced at Hiroshima. Take Britain's Rishi Sunak, who came from nowhere, to be gifted William Hague's safe seat and then to be shoe-horned, with no popular mandate, into the Prime Minister's office.

When faced with the moronic Liz Truss, Blackface Trudeau, brown pants Biden and the Cook Islands, China and Russia must fancy their chances. The Cook Islands? Why yes, they were invited so as to stop China in the Pacific. The Cook Islands has a population of 15,040; China's is somewhat larger. The Cook Islands has a GDP of $384 million; China's is somewhat larger. But hey, the Cook Islands has Clown Prince Zelensky on its side.

Back in the real world, G7 now only controls less than 30% of the world's GDP, that of the Cook Islands included. And though one could theoretically control the world with much less than that, key sectors, Russia's defence industry and a huge swathe of Chinese hi tech sectors being the obvious ones, are outside of its clutches.

Although none of that should be a concern of Zelensky, Trudeau or those other social media influencers who are paid for their walk on parts, it should be of major import to the industrial leaders of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and any others who have even a smidgen of grey matter between their ears.

Though Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida should be one such person, he seems to be a failure, just another walk-on actor no different from either Blackface Trudeau or, God preserve us, Zelensky. Though Kishida has made some 16 overseas trips in the last 18 months to India, Africa and South-East Asia, nuanced diplomacy has never been the strong card of Japan, which has instead preferred, usually with disastrous results, to align with one super power or another.

The way forward for Japan, as well as Taiwan and Korea, is to emulate Saudi Arabia and to tiptoe away as gingerly as they can from their American lords and masters. Japan shares a big border with the United States; it is called the Pacific Ocean and the United States, along with their Canadian and Ukrainian clowns, belong on one aside of that border and Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan belong on the other, from where they can establish friendly and mutually beneficial ties with the good people of the Cook Islands, the Solomon Islands, as well as Guam and Hawaii, both of which are still under U.S. occupation.

What they do not need and what the world does not need is the CIA and its GI Joe, Blackface, Pussy Riot and Femen theme actors spreading their social media toxins to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Kyoto and all of East Asia's cultural centres, where they are not only not needed but are totally out-classed in terms of culture, class, pomp and protocol.
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