© Al JazeeraFormer President of Bolivia Evo Morales
Evo Morales warns of the danger of NATO for world peace and stresses that this Alliance must be dissolved to prevent its threat. Former Bolivian President Evo Morales (2006-2019) warned in an interview with the Russian news agency Sputnik on Wednesday:
"NATO is a danger to world peace, to security, so we are in the task of reaching agreements with social movements, not only in Latin America, but in all continents, to eliminate it. If nothing is done against NATO, it will become a permanent threat to humanity."
Referring to the conflict in Ukraine, the former president considered that the origin of the problem between Russia and Ukraine is related to the "expansionist" and "interventionist" policies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) led by the United States.

In addition, he has denounced "crimes against humanity" committed by Ukraine since 2014 by killing thousands of "the pro-Russians" as another factor that has caused the crisis.

Morales has warned that what the U.S. is looking for in Ukraine is to take over its natural resources as it did during its interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and to encircle Russia militarily.
"The U.S. always provokes wars to sell its weapons, interventions, military bases, to take over natural resources (...) It is not only looking for Ukraine's resources, but also to encircle Russia militarily."
In addition, Morales is organizing an international movement, from Runasur - the continental bloc of social movements - in order to "make an international campaign to dissolve NATO".

Since February 24, Russia has launched a special military operation in Ukraine with the aim of denazification and demilitarization of its neighbor. Moscow has repeatedly made it clear that its operation poses no threat to the Ukrainian civilian population, as its attacks only target Ukraine's military infrastructure.