Comply or Else
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Sometimes, it's hard to see what's right in front of your face - mostly because you don't want to see it.

Because it's so hard (for a decent person) to believe it. That such a thing is even possible. The hare freezes at the sight of the fox. It hopes the fox doesn't see him.

Soon, the hare sees nothing at all.

The people being loaded onto those boxcars back in the long-ago also didn't want to see it - because they didn't want to believe it, either.

They froze.

Such things can't happen, they told themselves as they queued up in line. Not in civilized countries and besides, we've done nothing to warrant it. We are just people and just people aren't herded like cattle and sent to an abattoir by the government. We are just being resettled in the east.

All will be well

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They were so blind they even packed suitcases, filled with clothes they'd never wear again.

But then, it was a process. It didn't happen suddenly because if it had, they would have seen - and probably not queued up peacefully, to be herded off to be "resettled" in the East.

They had to be corralled, first.

Mentally and morally penned in. As well as set apart, by the rest of the people.

Conditioned to accept what was coming - all of them - without seeing where it was headed. Each step toward the gate where Work Makes You Free an isolated, momentary progression . . . on the way to the next step.

And so on, until you're there.

Until it's too late to go back.

People "comply" because they want it to end. Thinking it will stop, here. Not seeing that by complying, it goes there. That it never ends.

Indeed, it is just beginning.

They are already carting people off to camps in places like Australia. They are not death camps, yet. Neither was Dachau - at first. Just a place
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where "dangerous" ne'er do-wells (as defined by the state) were . . . isolated. Sent for their own protection - and to protect "society."

But death becomes inevitable when that first step has been taken - if it is not taken back.

Before they can take that next step. Because how do you stop them from taking it if you don't stop them from taking it?

If you allow them to take a step premised on the principle that is being used for this step . . it will inevitably be used to justify the next step.

If it is accepted that the government can throw people out of society, then it is accepted government can throw people in other places.

If the government can just kidnap people and haul them away as purely administrative prerogative - on the arbitrary say so of a government bureaucrat empowered to point the finger at anyone he pleases - then how many steps are we away from the next and final step?

Adolf Eichmann (a name being lost to history) held the military rank of lieutenant colonel - not unlike a surgeon general.

Adolf Eichmann
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But he was fundamentally a bureaucrat.

Like Vivek Murthy.

Like Dr. Fauci.

Eichmann's job - like the jobs of these two - was (and is) to find a solution to the problem of a disease - this was the terminology actually used - which threatened the health of the public.

And so he did.

So they are doing.

Sanitary measures, you see.

It is noteworthy, by the way, that the Final Solution didn't begin with gas. It began with Jabs.

These were administered, one by one, by doctors in hospitals, where people who were regarded as "life unworthy of life," such as the mentally and physically handicapped but also what were styled noncompliant "asocials" - mark that - were injected with death by people wearing white coats and sworn to do no harm.

It was done in the name of . . . science.

Some of these bureaucrats earnestly believed they were preventing harm - and doing good. .

It was done with the blessing of the state, by doctors acting on behalf of the state. Which mandated it be done.

Quietly, at first - and with lots of covering up. Families of the Jabbed-to-death were told their loved ones had simply died and were sent the ashes. Or someone's ashes, at any rate.

But people knew what was going on. Most didn't say anything - above a whisper - because they didn't want to be Jabbed next.

A few did say something. There was August Graf Von Gallen, for instance. He was the bishop of Munster, a city in Germany. Also - more famously - Martin Niemoller. They were burs under the saddle, much like RFK, Jr. and Rand Paul, today. Some - a few - hear.

Many don't seem to want to hear it.


Some insight can perhaps be acquired by remembering the Asch Experiment - which revealed in all its horror how badly most people want to conform. To not see what is right before their eyes - literally - if it means bucking what they believe others are seeing.

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We are very close to the final steps. To the solution to this intractable public health problem of millions of people who refuse to line up for the Jab. These disease-carrying, sickness-spreading bacilli who constitute a threat to alles.

Die Juden sind unsere ungluck.

The plague of the unvaccinated . . .

It gets easier with each step.

You tell yourself it's necessary. Something that has to be done. Especially if it is being done to someone else.

We need to get back to normal.

Indeed, we do.

And the way to get back there is to see where we're headed. To refuse to take one more step forward.

This ends as soon as we end it. It never ends, if we continue to hope they'll stop it.