Distressing images have been arriving since this morning from Sarajevo, which is submerged in water because of heavy rainfall. Many rivers in BiH have broken their banks, the Miljacka is threatening to flood streets, the Zeljeznica has created chaos in numerous areas, and hour by hour more and more information is arriving.

The situation in the Sarajevo neighborhood Ilidzua is chaotic. Several cars are completely under water, and the modern Sarajevo Waves complex has been flooded.

The worst situation is in Otes, where water has done great material damage and where almost the entire settlement has not had electricity since this morning.

Water from the overflowing Zeljeznica has entered many residential buildings. Rescuers are currently evacuating the population from this settlement. With the help of fire trucks and boats, they are transferring people to safe locations.

Where possible, people are taken to higher floors of residential buildings, while all services are on the ground to help them.

Apart from Otes, the settlements of Vlakovo, Butmir and Donji Kotorac have also been flooded, and there is water on many local roads in the Sarajevo Canton.

There was a blackout in much of the city for a while as well. For a little over half an hour, the residents were left without electricity due to a malfunction at the Reljevo power substation.