Maxime Bernier
Former Conservative MP and founder of the People's Party of Canada Maxime Bernier was arrested on the first day of his "Mad Max Manitoba" tour.

A video posted by Bernier shows an RCMP officer telling Bernier that he is under arrest under "the provincial health orders," before putting Bernier in cuffs.

The officer asks if Bernier has a weapon on him, to which Bernier responds, "no, no weapons, only my words. Only my philosophy."

One source claims that Bernier was warned that because he had not completed Manitoba's quarantine period, he would be arrested for continuing the tour.

According to the executive director of the People's Party to Daniel Tyrie, "[Police] advised him that if he went forward with the next event he will likely be fined again, and persistent violations will result in an arrest," reports Keaan Bexte.

Bernier's camp released a statement on the ongoing situation:

Video was tweeted earlier on by Bernier of him being ticketed for holding the Niverville, Manitoba event, where approximately 50 people met outdoors.

The Justice Centre will be appearing in court on Bernier's behalf to respond to the charges that were laid under COVID-19 public health orders. Bernier has retained legal counsel with the constitutional group and lawyers are awaiting an opportunity to address the PPC leader's bail, True North reported.

"The arrest and detention of Mr. Bernier for supposed 'health offences' is an exclamation point on the continued outrageous oppression of Manitobans by the Pallister government," commented Justice Centre president John Carpay. "Few, if any, other places on the planet are still locked down as tyrannically as Manitoba."

Carpay said that it is "far past time for the judiciary to restore the constitutional rights and freedoms of Manitobans, and end the arbitrary and oppressive diktats of Manitoba's health regime." He declared via Friday's press release that the Justice Centre "stands ready to defend Mr. Bernier's civil liberties."