The young cow has a condition called polycephaly

The young cow has a condition called polycephaly
An extremely rare two-headed calf has been born in North Macedonia.

The baby cow has a condition called polycephaly, and consequently has fused skulls, two pairs of eyes and one pair of ears.

The unique multi-headed animal is even able to suck milk simultaneously using its two mouths, as reported by Reuters.
Farmer Vasko Pestrovski knew something was different when the calf was being born in his barn in Lazec, a small village in the Bitola municipality, last week.

He said: "Early in the morning we heard that the cow was about to deliver. When she delivered, we saw the calf was rather extraordinary, with two heads.

"We immediately called on the veterinarian, he came and said it was a was a very natural phenomenon. The calf is functioning normally.

"I will keep it as long as it is alive, no matter how long. We will do everything to ensure this."

Local media quoted veterinarians as saying cases of polycephaly are rare. Unfortunately the two-headed calf only has a small chance of long-term survival.