tornado of mosquitoes
Little dirt devils on the side of the highway are not at all uncommon in rural Texas, and boy are we lucky they're only made out of dirt and not blood-sucking mosquitos.

A video tweeted by Twitter user @FMLaMarea shows footage from Argentina of what looks like your average group of little baby tornados, sweeping across a highway, but they're not. They are not dust devils at all. They are mosquitoes. A literal tornado of mosquitoes, swarming in funnels all across the road.

Holy crap.

I always complain about getting a little dirt in my mouth from the West Texas wind, but can you imagine getting a mouth full of mosquitos? If you didn't roll the window up in time, instead of getting dust in your eyes, you'd get a car full of hungry mosquitos. No, thank you.

The mosquito swarms were the result of heavy rains that left large pools of stagnant water, which made lovely birthing centers for female mosquitos to leave their precious bundles of joy behind. Luckily, the swarms only last the length of the mosquito's life, which is roughly 15 days.