The scene at Zogori on May 26.
The scene at Zogori on May 26.
Areas of north-western Greece were covered in snow on Tuesday, as severe weather, bringing thunder, lightning and heavy rain slammed into several other regions of the country.

Heavy snowfall at the the region of Zagori, near Ioannina, turned the landscape wintery. According to residents of the area, the snow reached 10cm while temperatures dropped to 2°C.

Roads were covered in snow and driving conditions were particularly difficult.

A woman was killed from a lightning strike on the island of Skopelos on Tuesday.

Heavy rainstorms, in many cases accompanied by hail and gusty winds, have hit most parts of Greece, and according to the weather service, they will continue until Friday.

The adverse weather also hit Athens where thunder was heard and lightning was seen on the horizon. The following video is from Faliro, just south of Athens.