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I will not be able to post any new tweets, or Retweet anyone else for a week.

My account remains viewable online and my tweets can still be retweeted or replied to: https://twitter.com/Ian56789

At the time I was suspended I was getting a lot of traction reporting on the latest Gilets Jaunes protests - today is their One Year Anniversary. The Gilets Jaunes protests are being censored by Western media.

The tweet I was suspended for:

Ian56 suspension tweet
How the hell can this be construed as "Targeted Harassment"? I didn't include Nikki Haley's handle in the tweet and I told the 100% honest accurate Truth about Nikki Haley's support of the War of Aggression in Yemen.

You cannot even appeal being falsely suspended, because Twitter will keep your account suspended while they "review the suspension", i.e. forever if they don't like you.

This is called BLACKMAIL, pure and simple. An honest approach would be to unsuspend the account pending the result of the review.
But Twitter says you are guilty before even holding a trial. This is like a Nazi or Stalinist show trial, where the victim is sentenced whatever the evidence is.

I did appeal the Tweet.

ian56 twitter appeal
Rather than be suspended forever, I cancelled the Appeal and deleted the tweet.

Twitter are supporters of Neocon Fascist, Mass Murdering, War Criminal Psychopaths and run an anti-Truth, anti-Freedom, anti Free Speech, and anti-Democracy, Authoritarian platform.

Here is a screenshot (archived copy) of the tweet I had to delete to get reinstated after twitter's unjustifiable one week ban:

ian56 tweet Nikki Haley
The deleted tweet was part of a thread - Nikki Haley was trending at the time.

Here is the first tweet in the thread, which you can still view:

ian56 nikki haley meme
The deleted tweet, followed this Skripal tweet and was the last tweet in the thread:

ian56 skripal tweet
The deleted tweet is marked as deleted.

Obviously someone, or some group, (a Neocon or Nikki Haley supporter - same thing) is targeting me to try and get me banned by reporting various of my tweets. It makes no sense for Twitter to delete this tweet, rather than the first one, or any of the others in this thread.

None of my tweets in any way, justify any ban or suspension or deletion - none of them break any of Twitter's rules. They tell the Truth about what is going on in the world, which you won't find in any Western mainstream media.

But as above, Twitter does NOT have a viable Appeals Process, so Tweet Reporters can get away with whatever the hell they like.

If there was any justice it would be whoever reported me who got banned and not me, but of course we know there is no justice on Twitter or anywhere else.

And whoever the censor on Twitter was, that banned me for a week and forced the deletion of the tweet, would be fired.

N.B. the Exec in charge of Twitter Censorship in Europe and the Middle East is a part time member of the British Army's Neocon Fascist propaganda outfit, the 77th Brigade, who are fighting a disinfo propaganda war to hide the truth about UK gov War Crimes and UK gov lies in general.

Twitter say they "do not see any conflict of Interest" with a paid UK disinfo propagandist being in charge of Twitter Censorship in Europe and the Middle East. I will leave you to judge the validity or not, of Twitter's claim.

EXCLUSIVE: Twitter executive for Middle East is British Army 'psyops' soldier. Head of editorial for MENA is part-time officer in the 77th Brigade, an 'information warfare' unit which has worked on 'behavioural change' projects in the region.https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/twitter-executive-also-part-time-officer-uk-army-psychological-warfare-unit

screenshot middleeasteye
Update Nov 18
Twitter's Fascist War Criminal Supporting Censorship Brigade have confirmed there is no point in appealing any of their censorship bans.

twitter appeal response
"When you tear out a man's tongue you are not proving him a liar, you are only telling the world that you are afraid of what he might say."

tyrion lannister meme
Or in more modern parlance:

tear out a man's tongue meme