© Reuters/Mohsin Raza
Students of a madressa in Lahore.
An Islamist students' organization has made quite a stir in India with a video clip, in which teenagers speak about their dreams, including one pledging to avenge every Muslim death at the hands of Indian troops.

The controversial video was produced by Islamiс Jamiat-e-Talaba Pakistan, a large student organization with the goal of promoting Islam and opposing secularism in the country, ahead of an upcoming event in Karachi. In the clip, several teens outline their aspirations for the future, which range from personal to quite political and belligerent.

"We will employ the Indian Army to clean the streets," one student says, while another one threatens the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the paramilitary wing of India's ruling party, and pledges to "avenge the death of every single Muslim" at their hands.

The event that was promoted by the video was dedicated to Kashmir, and India's move to strip decades-old autonomy from the part of the disputed region it currently controls. Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba seems to have big plans for a future conquest in response to the move, since the slogan of the convention, which was held last Saturday, was "When Hind will become Pakistan."

Indians were not thrilled with the promo, according to reactions on social media. Journalist Naila Inayat, whose post of the clip has since gone viral, said the children in it were part of a brainwashed generation.

"Our kids want to become doctors, engineers, army officers, pilots, scientists and what not. But here they are still selling the dream of Jehad and capturing India," one of the commenters said.

"Poor kids. Someone show them the reality of life," another one said.