Lubbock airport rainfall
In a situation rarely seen, a thunderstorm remained nearly stationary over the Lubbock airport dumping 1.59″ of rain in the gauge there in a span of 70 minutes. All while all but the far northeastern corner of the City of Lubbock remained bone-dry. Here are some other rain totals, the outlook for more rain, and the looming triple-digit heat.

Last night's rain, from about 1:30 AM to 3:30 AM, brings Lubbock's total for August so far up to 1.72″, which is 0.26″ above the month-to-date average. Total precipitation for 2019 so far is 15.17″, which is 2.68″ above the average year-to-date of 12.49″. Last year at this time the total was 5.81″.

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