On the evening of February 17, hail and strong winds hit Myanmar and Yunnan's banana producing areas and banana farmers suffered serious losses.

It is understood that the hail in Myanmar lasted for about 10 minutes. The disaster-affected center is mainly located in Santun Village, Mengmo County and Myitkyina Province. The un-bagged bananas were damaged by hail, and some of the newly picked banana plantations were damaged. It will continue to affect the quality and yield of subsequent bananas.

Burmese hail lasted just 10 minutes

Burmese hail lasted just 10 minutes
The Myanmar Chinese Network reported that on February 17, January 29 and February 16 there were many incidents of hail storms in Myanmar, causing property damage to residents and investors. Recently, there have been more violent storms in Myanmar with the possibility of hail.

Source: Agricultural Finance Network Banana