Moscow blizzard
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Dozens of accidents, including massive pileups blocking major motorways, have virtually brought the Russian capital to a standstill amid an extreme snowstorm that also temporarily disrupted air traffic in Moscow.

The Moscow authorities have deployed over 12,000 pieces of equipment to clear snow from roads and sidewalks across the city. Nevertheless, severe weather conditions in and around Moscow caused massive pileups on Saturday.

On the Simferopol highway, more than 50 vehicles were involved in several collisions, halting traffic in both directions for miles. Videos from the scene shared on social media show the extent of the damage. Luckily, no one died in the accidents, with only three injuries being reported. It took the authorities hours to clear the road before motorists could finally proceed.

Heavy snowfall which blanketed Moscow also caused a separate pileup on the Novorizhskoe highway. At least one person suffered injuries in the accident which involved at least 15 cars, authorities say.

The storm also caused major disruption at Moscow's airports. At least 11 flights were canceled at Domodedovo airport, while other arrivals and departures experienced delays. At Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports, around 30 flights were delayed.