Objects hit cars in AZ
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A Scottsdale couple is scratching their heads after two mysterious objects fell from the sky and hit their cars early Friday morning.

Randy and Mary Long were driving in separate vehicles south along Scottsdale Road near the Loop 101 around 6:15 a.m. Friday when both of their cars were hit by some sort of object.

"There was like, an explosion," said Randy Long.

The glass roof of his Mercedes shattered when the object hit it.

The two say they were traveling about 100 yards apart, without any vehicles or pedestrians nearby. Scottsdale PD says they didn't receive any calls for potential rock-throwers either.

"All of a sudden I heard a loud bang," said Mary.

Her Lexus faired a bit better, receiving only a chip in the windshield.

The two think a meteorite could be to blame.

"We posted it on Facebook, and somebody mentions, who lives up north, that there's actually a meteor shower," Mary said.

The effects of the Leonid Meteor Shower are being felt here in the Valley. However, Laurence Garvie at ASU's Center for Meteorite Studies says the meteor shower wouldn't be the cause.

"Absolutely not. No chance whatsoever," Garvie said. "Those materials that burn up in the upper atmosphere are tiny, very soft and don't make it to the ground."

Comment: What load of bunk. Remember when?

Though, there is still a chance the damage was caused by a galactic visitor.

"It's possible," Garvie said. "The chances are just minuscule."

And whatever the object, Randy and Mary Long say they're just glad no one got hurt.

"Very grateful that the damage we have, insurance will take care of, and we're okay," Mary said.