Portland riot
© Bryan Colombo / Reuters
After right-wing Patriot Prayer marchers clashed with local anti-fascist protesters in a violent brawl in downtown Portland, Oregon, local police have declared a riot.

The rally, led by Patriot Prayer founder and Republican US Senate candidate Joey Gibson, drew more than 150 supporters near Schrunk Plaza on Saturday evening. Opposing protesters showed and soon-enough a violent brawl broke out with people using fireworks, eggs, rocks, bottles and construction equipment, prompting police to revoke the Patriot Prayer protest permit and to declare a riot situation.

Video footage from the scene shows Patriot Prayer supporters -dressed in red, the colour of a right wing fraternity 'Proud Boys'- hitting counter-protesters with flagpoles, trash can lids and their fists.

Counter-protesters, clad in "black bloc" clothing and masks, were seen throwing punches of their own and using pepper spray. Police used several "aerial distraction devices", pepper spray and pepper balls to disperse the crowd.

Four people were arrested on the day, all of whom were connected to criminal investigations that began prior to the protest. Four people and one officer were hospitalized for injuries sustained in the clash - one person's condition was described as serious by police.